Virtual Imagery

Virtual Reality Medical Solutions



Our turnkey program manages many of the virtual reality (VR) program's tasks for health facilities and homes. This includes choosing appropriate content, training, onsite or remote support, and preconfiguring devices before they are used by the health facility. Bringing these considerations directly to IT and medical care staff can help hospitals form a plan for successfully implementing VR within the healthcare space and improving the overall patient experience.



We’re just now starting to see the full capabilities of  VR technology, and its uses are endless. With a facility able to provide an immersive experience by having access to high-end systems, effectively treating patients with VR will finally be possible. Our goal is to make the virtual reality experience a successful addition to you and your clients.



The opioid crisis and over-prescription of pain medication have pushed hospitals to seek alternative ways to treat procedural, acute and chronic pain, as well as anxiety. VR has proven an effective means of medical pain management and our clients embrace this technology. These health facilities now look to deploy their own VR programs to address pain management with our help.

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