Pain Treatment Software

Encephalon Star is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and pain management virtual reality (VR) software program that sends patient treatment data to the medical provider. CBT is performed in VR by immersing a patient in a tunnel vision environment. There the patient is drawn to focus on a single 3D object that contains Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) side-to-side movement. The movement of the object is combined with CBT audio files uploaded by the medical professional.


A separate mode in the software is for pain management. Pain is treated by drawing the user’s attention away from the pain and to a highly engaging VR experience to distract the patient. The same immersive tunnel vision environment and single 3D object are used for this mode as well. The difference is that in this mode the user must deflect the 3D object from moving past the user with a shield controlled by the user’s thumb input on a joystick. Very little movement is required by the patient with options to re-center the tunnel vision environment.


Treatment data is collected from the user through surveys that pop up on screen after the VR treatment has concluded. It is then uploaded to an online portal where medical providers can view this data and use it to adjust prescription medication to better suit the patient.

This software is currently under development and we are seeking support to implement the program. Upon request, we can provide a demo for the Oculus Go. Interested in a demo or becoming involved? Contact us