While today's high-end virtual reality headsets are innovative and provide a new experience unheard of just a decade ago they often require a dedicated space. We set out to provide a solution to the mobility issues of high-end virtual reality by designing and building the patent-pending VIrtual Imagery Cart (V.I.C.) system.


The Virtual Imagery Cart makes it easy for schools, hospitals, and offices to transport virtual reality systems around the facility. Because truly immersive VR headsets must be connected to a computer and other systems using cables, many users run into mobility issues. The V.I.C. system is the all-in-one device that features extendable arms to support the headset tracking devices that high-end vr platforms require. This mobile solution allows you to rotate the arms inwards or easily detach them and store them in the cart. You'll be able to enjoy completely immersive virtual reality comfortably and no longer worry about room installation and wires that could be tripped over.


With this innovation, integrating virtual experiences into a rehab facility, school, or workplace no longer carries the traditional annoyances and problems such as having a dedicated room, or dealing with cables. Making virtual reality more accessible and usable for everyone is our goal, no matter their age or experience with the technology, and the V.I.C. system is just one step in the journey.


In the coming years, we plan to be at the forefront of the virtual revolution. We’re just now starting to see the full capabilities of the technology, and its uses are endless. Many studies have shown the positive therapeutic effects that virtual reality has for patients dealing with pain in hospitals and healthcare facilities through the use of mobile VR headsets. With a facility able to provide more immersive VR by having access to high-end systems, effectively treating patients with VR will finally be possible.

Virtual Imagery VR Ready Bundle

The Virtual Imagery VR Ready Bundle includes all the hardware and software required to get set up quickly and easily, helping to simplify the setup process and eliminate the confusion that is common around PC specifications. The bundle includes:

  • HTC Vive for Business Bundle

  • V.I.C. Mobile System

  • VR Ready Desktop

  • Virtual Imagery Experiences Software (Pre-Loaded)

  • Premium Support

Buy $5,499            Lease $299/month

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